#Yeg Coffee Week and Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasting

All of us are familiar with the brown roasted coffee bean. You can buy these in just about every store in Edmonton. You can find the coffee bean liquid end product in even a wider assortment of establishment – from our excellent locally owned coffee shops like Credo, Transcend, Inconclast, De Capo, etc to their multinational counterparts like Starbucks and Second Cup, at every restaurant (fast food to high end), in every office, free sometimes in your bank… well just about everywhere.

You can even find some Fair Trade and/or Certified Organic coffee at some of these places, but as far as I know, Earth’s General Store is the only business that offers exclusively Fair Trade, certified organic coffee roasted right here in Edmonton (at our Whyte Avenue store) by us. All of these aspects are important to me: respect for the producers/growers, respect for the land, air, and water, and a local value added product while offering excellent flavour and taste.

When we support good values with our shopping habits – supporting local independent businesses that carry respectful and more environmentally sustainable it moves the bar up. Other businesses have to follow since they have to follow the demands of the market (that is you and me). Your purchasing choices makes a difference.

A dimension of Earth’s General Store’s coffee business that most people are probably not aware of is that we are the only outlet for organic and Fair Trade green coffee beans (as far as I know) in Edmonton. Several home roasters have found us out because they are very much interested in roasting their own coffee.

As part of the upcoming YEG Coffee Week Earth’s General Store will be hosting a workshop on how to roast your own coffee in your own home just using an air popcorn popper. Stay tuned for more details on this workshop.

As our motto says:

Consume Less, Consume Wisely, Comsume Locally, Consume Fairly, and Love Lots More!

Much of this can be achieved in the cup of coffee or type of bean you choose to consume.

Our green coffee beans are sourced from: Ethiopian (Yirgacheffe and Sidamo), Colombian, Nicaraguan, Mexican, Peruvian, and sometimes some other varieties.