World Food Day

Today is World Food Day. A day to reflect where your food comes from, who grew it, where was it grown, how was it grown, was it grown with respect for the workers and the land, air and water, will it nourish you or degrade your health, and did you respect it by not wasting it.

How do we continue to grow food and equitably feed the world’s growing population? How can we continue without degrading the environment?

International Year of the Soil



2015 is also the International Year of the Soil. Soil is the precious medium that we grow the major
ity of our food in yet industrial agriculture treats it like dirt. We want the soil to be there to grow healthy food for lots of generations to come and we need to start now. We need to respect the soil for all the things it gives us – food is obvious but soil does so much more. Temperature regulation, moisture regulation, carbon dioxide sink, a habitat for the majority of the world’s life, and connection.

Earth’s General Store is all about food. We choose to offer the highest percentage of organic products in our store. Organic agriculture respects the soil, the air, and water. It is a growing process where the grower is working with natural cycles to improve the soil and other inputs to produce healthier foods.

Earth’s General Store is also all about respect. We were on the forefront of the Fair Trade movement and offer a very impressive selection of Fair Trade certified products. We love this so much we bought a coffee roaster back in 2005 to roast our own Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee right in our store on Whyte Avenue.

So on World Food Day choose some great organic food that shows respect for the planet, choose foods that show respect for the people that grew the food (Fair Trade coffee in your own mug from your favourite local cafe), share some money or time with an organisation that addresses food security for people in our society or elsewhere on our beautiful planet, buy food from a local producer/business, and thank the soil and the systems that provided your nourishment.

October is World Hunger Action Month so let’s not just make it about a day – or even a month. Let’s fight hunger, soil degradation, poor nourishment, and poverty each and every day – it all begins with you… and me… and everyone else. Let’s get started.

Be the change you want to see in the world.