Winter Bike to Work Day

Winter Bike to Work Day

Winter Bike to Work Day 2016 in Edmonton and everywhere is happening on Friday, February 12th. Come and join us as thousands of people who bicycle commute throughout the winter ride together in a celebration of our choice of transportation.

Register your ride at the official Winter Bike to Work website.

This year the organizers are asking lots of questions when you register and the data that will be made available to anyone that wishes to us it. Already I see it being useful for when any of us go to city council to request funding to increase the safety for those people that bicycle and to make the system more efficient.

As I write this, Edmonton is tied for second place with places like Bergen, Norway and Quebec City with 42 rider registered. Canadian cities make up 60% of the top ten cities with registered riders. Way to go Canada! Way to go Edmonton!

As a special treat Organic Cafe at Earth’s General Store Downtown will be hosting a Winter Bike to Work Day Pancake Breakfast. It is free, friendly, and fun! Check out our Facebook event page for details.

Winter Bike to School Day

There is also a Winter Bike to School Day portal to help collect data and numbers of people that choose this mode of transportation to get to their schools. If you know anyone that would be interested in registering their children or schools in this please point them to the Website.

Winter Walk Day

There is nothing as simple as walking. It is the most ecological form of transportation (though not as efficient as cycling). This year the Winter Walk Day is happening on February 3rd, 2016. So grab your child and walk with them to school but give yourself extra time because your child will make an adventure of it. Invite your partner to head out for a walk around your neighbourhood, or to a local cafe, or just a stroll in the river valley.

Brite Night RideBrite Lite Winter Nite Bike Ride February 6th

Our friends over at Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ have put together a multi-faceted winter night bike ride. So light up your bicycle and come for an adventure with lots of other great people that cycle during the winter.

Have fun!