Viana Snack Sausages

Viana Sausages

Earth’s General Store is very pleased to introduce into the Edmonton market a couple of vegan sausage snacks – the Viana snack sausages.

These sausages are made in Germany using non-GMO organic ingredients. These snack sausages have the Canadian Organic seal on them.

We carry two Viana snack sausages – the Picnicker and the Mild Jumbo Sausage (a traditional German Smokehouse sausage). You can just peel them open and chow down on them. Much like you could eat a meat pepperoni sausage.

These vegan sausages are shelf stable so you can take them travelling with you but it is recommended that you refrigerate after opening (that is, if there is any left over).

I will be in the UK over the summer and will sample some of their other products for consideration of stocking these in our stores.

The Whyte Avenue store has stock today and the Downtown should have stock this afternoon.

Viana Sausages


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