Turmeric has been regarded as a plant that has significant anti-inflammatory properties. This is wonderful news for those of us that are part of the greying nation. My own experience is that I feel aches and pains much more often as I move through the 60s (and I am not talking about the 1960s 🙂 )

In the ‘health-food’ world that our business operates, turmeric is well regarded and many companies have added it to their joint blends.

We offer turmeric in a wide variety of products – hot chocolate mixes, hot Golden drinks, joint remedies, bulk organic turmeric powder, and ground turmeric paste.Variety of Turmeric products

We also have ‘fresh’ organic turmeric root. Many people pick this up and add it to their smoothies and some of the food they prepare. When we first introduced fresh organic turmeric to the Edmonton market over 7 years ago people were surprised. They had never seen the fresh root before. Now, I think you can get it at a wider variety of stores.

Fresh Turmeric Root

There is a lot of information about boosting the positive properties of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric that provides the results we are after) by taking turmeric with a few other foods. Some of these synergetic foods are – fresh cracked pepper, a good fat like coconut oil, cayenne, black cherry, and ginger.

Of course, if you make a good curry you will get most of these all in one meal AND you will have a delicious meal out of it but you would probably not eat curry every day so it is best to figure out some way to get the turmeric/curcumin into your body.

As always, the internet has a trove of information on turmeric. You can make turmeric teas and elixirs or at One Green Planet, Golden Paste, or just do a web search.

If you are looking for research done on this food as an aid to make your life a little better then check out the information at Green Med.

Turmeric is being added to many products to ride on the wave of popularity. Just the other day I saw a turmeric potato chip. I wonder how much curcumin is delivered by this product or is it used for colouring and marketing. You could try this turmeric chocolate to get a dose of it via one people’s favourite foods.

Back in the 70s and 80s I would add turmeric to my cooked rice to provide a nice colour (saffron was too expensive for me). I did not know about any of the positive effects of this spice – I did it because I like eating colours.

A Caveat – there is concern about some of the sourcing of turmeric. It seems that turmeric can absorb lead from the soil so if the turmeric is grown on polluted land then it will have higher levels of lead in it. I suggest getting your turmeric from companies that you trust the sources, from countries that have higher environmental standards and always organically grown.

Just the other day, a man was in the store and was buying big bags of turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, and ginger. I asked him why and he said he had been taking an arthritic medicine prescribed by the doctor and wanted to get off it since it had side effects. He switched over to his concoction and he says it works better than the medicine, less expensive, and he doesn’t have any side effects. Sounds like a good win for his body.

At no time is Earth’s General Store is saying that any product in the store will cure an illness. When I/we share information the onus is on the reader to decide if they want to learn more and whether they would like to include a product more into their diet or a change in lifestyle.

We, like most other alternative sources of information, always have to be wary of making claims that are not substantiated. All I can say is that these things work for me and with many other people I talk with.

It is my belief that eating a balanced, healthy and organic diet that is based heavily on the plant kingdom along with exercise, adequate sleep, positive outlook and friends/family/community will produce vibrant health. It resonates with my inner essences so I take that as being a truth.

Here is a good article on turmeric that could lead you to some more information about this wonderful spice.