True Ceylon Cinnamon

True Ceylon Cinnamon a really popular product. I assume it is difficult to find since quite a few people are finding their way to the store to find this ‘health’ product.

They are wary about whether the cinnamon we carried was true cinnamon from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) when they first contact us since the majority of cinnamon out there is not true cinnamon. True Ceylon cinnamon is also called Mexican Cinnamon because this is the only cinnamon they use in their cuisine.

People are concerned with the coumarin oil content in the cinnamon that originates from other south-eastern Asian countries. There is a concern in some academic circles that coumarin oil can adversely affect the liver, and is recognized as a blood-thinner. Cassia has over 1250 times the amount of coumarin in it than Ceylon cinnamon.

Many of the cinnamons that are in Canada are of the cassia variety of cinnamon – most notably Indonesian Korintje, Chinese, and Saigon/Vietnamese cassia cinnamon. Oddly enough the cassia product has more pronounced cinnamon flavour than real Ceylon cinnamon, and is quite a bit less expensive – maybe that is why the food industry provides this product to the masses and the packaging industry since it is stronger and cheaper.

Ceylon cinnamon is fairly rare on the shelves in Canada. Ceylon cinnamon has a lighter and sweeter flavour than the cassia varieties.

The cinnamon that is offered at Earth’s General Store is certified Organic from Ceylon. Priced at $42.00 per kilogram it is an excellent deal.

[Price subject to change]