Toilet Paper

Many years ago I wrote a blog post about toliter paper. I think I titled it – “Is Your Toiet Paper Ripping You Off?”

Things haven’t changed. There is a great range in prices (as you can see in the chart below) but more importantly – the environment

I have been meaning to write a blog post about it but other things got in the way – like work and my volunteering for Climate Strike and Extinction Rebellion. Then an article appeared in my social media stream about toilet paper and the boreal forests and this has prompted me to revisit the subject (see this article).

If you look at the spreadsheet below where you can see the price comparison of our toilet paper to the packages at Safeway (prices and information gathered on March 2nd, 2019 from the Bonnie Doon Safeway).

Note – to make all things comparative, the total area of the package was calculated (column A). From that, we were able to calculate the price of one square metre (Comolum B).

The brand we carry is Cascade. It is manufactured in Quebec.

“This product meets the Green Seal Standard GS-1, based on chlorine-free processing, energy and water efficiency, and content of 100% recovered material with a minimum of 50% post-consumer material.”

Brand Variety Size # of Rolls Sheets/roll total m2 Price Cents/m2
Chamin UltraSoft 12 284 34.0 $20.99 $0.62
Chamin UltraStrong 12 286 34.3 $20.99 $0.61
Purex Ultra Double 12 165 19.8 $10.49 $0.53
Royal Original Double 8 253 20.2 $8.99 $0.45
Royal Original Double 24 253 60.7 $24.99 $0.41
Purex Double 12 253 30.4 $10.49 $0.35
Royal Original Double 12 253 30.3 $9.99 $0.33
EnviroCare 100% recycled
12 297 35.6 $10.49 $0.29
compliments Plush Double 8 253 20.2 $5.49 $0.27
Purex Double 40 253 101.2 $22.99 $0.23
Cascades 100% recycled 6 500 33.4 $7.40 $0.22
Compliments 100% Recycled Double 12 270 32.4 $6.99 $0.22
Signal Double 12 270 31.4 $6.49 $0.21
Signal Double 24 270 62.8 $10.99 $0.18

As you can see our the toilet paper we offer is close to the best price per square metre BUT our paper is 100% recycled and with 50% Post-Consumer content.  In addition, it has almost twice as many sheets on a roll as all the other toilet paper that are slightly less expensive.

Many of the packages at Safeway claim to be “Double” rolls. If you note – their rolls are usually listed as bewtween 165 and 297 sheets. Our roll has 500 sheets. This is a misleading and deceptive attributes.

Since our rolls has almost double the sheets on it you don’t have to be changing the rolls as often – BONUS!

PLUS – our toilet paper rolls are wrapped in paper – NO PLASTIC!

ALL of the toilet paper at Safeway was wrapped in plastic. I guess this is so that you can see what the product looks like – almost as if you don’t know what to expect. They don’t wrap facial tissue, feminine napkins (menstrual products) in clear plastic, etc so why do they do this to toilet paper?

When fewer trees are cut down to make a disposable product it means more trees providing all of the benefits that they offer – erosion abatement, cooling ambient air, cleaning the air, storing carbon, etc. We need MORE trees to help our battle with the Climate Crisis – not less.

Choose toilet paper made from recycled fibers and with Post-Consumer content so that it supports our recycling efforts.

When you use the toilet, remember to flush ONLY the 3 Ps – Poop, Pee, and Paper.