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The Importance of Choosing Organic

Someone shared this short video regarding “The importance of choosing Organic” – or ‘Which Sweet Potato Would you Buy?’ with me yesterday. I thought it should be shared on our Facebook page and website.
So here it is.

My Potato Project; The Importance of “Organic”

I was interviewed by CBC (Mark Harvey) the other day in response to a Canadian Food Inspection Agency(CFIA)  report that they had obtained. The report said that a significant amount (47%) of organic produce had pesticide residue on them and one sample had levels beyond acceptable limits set by the CFIA. They interviewed several customers as well.

My responses:

1. that the pesticide industry has contaminated the world and my food. They should be responsible for ensuring that their product stays out of the fields where my food is grown and off my food choices!

2. I purchase, eat, offer Certified Organic food because I know that it started with the best of intentions. I want the soil to be fed organic matter, the workers in the fields not to be exposed to toxic chemicals, I want the land and people to be respected, I don’t want my food choices to be at the health cost of a farm worker, and I want my food grown the same way I would grow my own – without chemicals.

3. I am not overly into conspiracy theories but it is plausible to me that the chemical/GMO industry wants to degrade the ‘status’ of Certified Organic from people’s conception by instilling in people – “well organic has pesticides on them and why should I pay extra for that food’ – ‘Organic food has GMO in them so why should I pay extra for that food’? Yes some Certified Organic may be contaminated with GMOs and pesticides but the onus should be on the industrial food industry to not contaminate the food system with their crap. Since Organic Food is growing in popularity they are taking aim at it by degrading it.

4. I would rather eat Organic food that ‘may’ have some chemical residue on it than food that almost certainly has pesticide residue on it and was grown with biocides, synthetic chemicals, in a disrespectful manner, and in mono stupid fields.

As in the case of the short video an organic may have pesticide contamination but it still grows because it was not inundated with the anti germination agricultural chemical as the non-organic varieties were.

Residue = contamination

We should not allow this contamination to continue.

Check out the Environmental Working Groups list on the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen.