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Vegan Food Central

Earth’s General Store strives and prides itself on being Edmonton’s Vegan Food Central! We actively pursue plant based items to offer in our stores. And we primarily offer plant-based/vegan food in our Organic Cafe. Most of the products that are in our store are vegan. We also put lots of emphasis on certified organic, local and Fair Trade. Check out the list of common and not so common vegan items after the “Read More” link.

Field Roast Sausages

Field Roast Sausages are once again back on shelves in our stores. Edmonton Vegans Rejoice! All plant based substitutes are gaining in popularity across Canada. The same for the Faux Meats (fake meat) products. People are looking for the texture and tastes that they experienced with meat products but without the meat. Many companies like Field Roasts, Tofurky, Helen’s, Hillary’s burgers, Daiya, Just Mayo, Beyond Meat, etc are expanding their product lines and many companies are spending huge amounts of money on developing new and better products.