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So Long Saudi Arabia!

I am not going to take it any longer. I have been focusing on so many other things in life and the world and finally, I just have to throw my hat in the ring and say – So long Saudi Arabia! Your regime is an assault on my sensibilities. You have abused the immense wealth that petroleum has given you and squandered it on things and maintained your grip on a nation and a region. You do not deserve this influence.

Important Update: Fair Trade and Organic Bananas

Canadians eat more bananas than any other single fruit. Unfortunately, bananas do not grow in Canada, so we must import them from much warmer regions and the cost to do so continues to increase. There are just two importers of Fairtrade Bananas in Canada: Equifruit based in Quebec, and our supplier, Discovery Organics, based in […]

Remembrance Day Store and Cafe Hours

Many people get this day off, but the retail sector tends to treat it like most other business as usual days. Earth’s General Store will have reduced hours for this day to allow people to have times with their families, time to observe the significance of the day, remember the people that have served our country in military service and what their ultimate goal was, and all those affected by conflict.