Planet Organic

As many people know, Planet Organic closed all of its operations in March after struggling for many months. This was a big loss to the local organic scene. There were many aspects of Planet Organic I did not care for but they were serving a segment of our city that would not consider being customers …


Turmeric is a hot product. People are using it for many things but the most popular reason is that it has great anti-inflammatory properties. We offer many turmeric products – fresh, powdered, paste, mixtures, beverages, and even chocolates. Is it time to add some turmeric to your diet?

Herbs and Spices Savings

Herbs and Spices Savings of 52% to over 90% from Earth’s General Whyte when I did a price comparison with Safeway. On August 8th, 2016 I did a price comparison with Safeway at Boonie Doon Mall and found out that our customers could save at least 52% on herbs and spices. Drop around to our Whyte Avenue store and find out how you can save huge on spices and herbs. Refill Don’t Landfill!