Successful Fundraiser for African Famine Relief

Thank you, everyone, that came out and support our weekly fundraiser. We had a Successful Fundraiser for African Famine Relief.

May 30th – 37 Green Onion Cakes
June 6th – 38 Green Onion Cakes
June 13th – 51 Green Onion Cakes
June 20th – 20 Green Onion Cakes

That was a total of 146 Green Onion Cakes sold and eaten for our fundraiser. Together we raised a total of 730$ for a Successful Fundraiser for African Famine Relief. We rounded the donation to 750$. 375$ was donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières and 375$ was donated to Action Against Hunger.

Thank you for helping to feed people in Africa. This is a small amount that is needed to help people on the continent but every bit helps and we should not forget that this is happening. Please read my earlier post about this initiative.

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, that came out and supported this campaign.

Note: It was my intention of doing the Green Onion Cake fundraiser for 6 weeks, as mentioned in my original post, but ended up only doing 4 weeks. Sorry. I ran out of time.