Street Foods at our Downtown Location

Summer is here and patio action is happening. Our downtown store is located on the most pedestrian friendly street in the downtown core. Starting in June we will be adding more street foods at our downtown location (10150 – 104th street).

On Saturdays the City Market happens along 104th street and 102nd avenue. With over 150 diverse vendors this makes a very interesting and delicious food and community event.

We like to think that Earth’s General Store is a part of this market experience insofar we offer many items that the market does not – bulk spices, organic produce (especially things like bananas, oranges, and things that don’t grow hereabouts), bulk flours, grains, seeds, teas, freshly roasted Fair Trade Coffee, ice creams, beverages (such as kombucha), and of course excellent items from our cafe.

There are a couple of organic growers at the market like Sundog Organics (produce and jams/preserve) and Organic producers like Sunshine Organic (meat and eggs) and Serbens Organic Pork (we carry their pork products in our downtown store) and we strongly suggest that you support these local organic producers. But for those items you can’t get at the market or those times in between, we are here for you.

Earth’s General Store is Downtown Edmonton Full-Service Grocery Store. We offer healthier options than most stores.

Earth’s General Store is taking it to the streets!

More Streets Foods at our Downtown Location.

Over this long spring we have had some barbecue events and starting in June we plan on having some more. One of my favourite things to do when I travelled was eating street food. It makes it a little more difficult these days because I like to eat vegan foods and much of the street food that I have come across is not vegan friendly. I have the opportunity to change that here at our downtown store.

We have offered vegan sausages, hot dogs, green onion cakes, and burgers. Last year we also offered corn on a stick at the market. Starting in June we will be offering these options more often and with a wider offering. Some of the street food I am interested in offering are vegan papusas, vegan corn dogs, and a few surprises.

If you are interested to get notified of our street food options (what, and when they happen) please sign up and visit our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram, and even our newsletter. Hopefully we will come up with a schedule that will give people a good amount of notice.