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Solar Panels

Our Solar Panels Have Now Been Installed

Solar Panels Installed at Edmonton’s Greenest Store

For many years I wanted to install solar panels on my business but never really had the money to do it. Late last year I decided that I needed to install them whether I had the money or not. I ended up borrowing the money because I felt it was important that we moved in that direction. I do not want a future generation ask me – “what did you do to combat climate change” and not have a good enough answer for them. It is there world that I have borrowed from and they deserve to inherit a healthy world.

In January I went to the UK to provide elder care for my mother. I was really impressed by the number of solar panels installed on houses and around in the country side. They are much more prevalent there than here. Perhaps there was a good government incentive. If we wait until that happens then it will likely be too late. I am impressed that the provincial NDP government has initiated an incentive to help farmers and others to install greener energy sources.

Last month the system became live, then we had the monitor installed this month, and next we we are going to have our ceremonial Switching On our Solar Panels (see our Facebook event). So come and join us as we become Edmonton’s first grocery store to get some of its electrical energy from a clean green source.

When: 1:00pm Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Where: Earth’s General Store, 9605 – 82 Avenue (South wall – Back alley)

There will be some local dignitaries there to be part of this event but it is you – our friends and customers that we would love to be part of this event. The solar installers  (SkyFire Energy) will be there if you wish to ask technical questions and get good answers.

Doing our part in cleaning up the solar spill 🙂

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It not now, When? If not me, Who? If not here, Where?

Change begins with me…. and you.