Soaps from Savon de Marseille

Old is new again. Glad to reintroduce Soaps from Savon de Marseille into our store.

We carried this product over 15 years ago. In fact, I think we carried it 20 years ago but can’t be sure. At that time people would call the ugly soaps. Yes, they are rustic and old-world looking but they are effective and work. There is something that is beautiful about their rustic look and feel.

Blocks of soaps like these have lived beside people’s kitchen sinks and bath tubes for hundreds of years. It is what people used to wash dishes, their clothes, and their bodies.

I am pleased to announce that we are reintroducing these wonderful old world products to our store. These blocks come in olive oil and coconut oil versions with 72% oil content.

They are Palm Oil Free! They are packaging-free!

They come in 300g, 600g, and we even have the 1kg blocks (in olive oil only).

There is also a package of 4 bar soaps – 2 coconuts and 2 olive oil.

We also have some excellent organic soaps from Aleppo.

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  • 300g blocks 9.69$
  • 600g blocks 13.99$
  • 1kg block 21.69$
  • 4 pack soap bars 12.99$
  • Savon d’Alep Excellence 13.99$
  • Savon s’Alep 5% Laurel Oil 11.99$

PS – we also have the scrub brushes and soap trays.

Prices are subject to change without notice.