Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban in the City of Edmonton

Our store is asking the City of Edmonton to support our call for a Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban in the City of Edmonton.

Free plastic bags are polluting the world’s oceans, our rivers, our landscape and our food chain. As responsible earthlings, we need to reduce the number of bags making their way into the waste stream and the environment.

Single-use plastic bags waste valuable resources, cause pollution when they are being manufactured, and are a sad legacy for future generations.

The City of Edmonton prides itself on its ‘world class’ recycling program and does a good job diverting ‘waste’ to be reused or broken down to use the resources. Would it not be wiser to reduce the amount of waste going into the waste stream than having to spend resources coping with the volume of the waste stream? Can we do better?

I call upon you, and every other Edmontonian, to sign this petition so that our councilors and mayor may see that there is a lot of concern by the citizens of our city to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags being used in our city.

Plastic bags are one of the largest components of plastic contaminants in our oceans. When plastic bags make their way into our waterways they break down to small micro-plastic particles that get into the food web. Plastic does not disappear.

Let’s be responsible earthlings and citizens of our planet and stop polluting our common home.

It is time that Edmonton joins the many municipalities, provinces, states, and countries across this planet that have banned the use of single-use bags. Recycling is not the answer. I believe we need to reduce the volume of materials going into our waste stream.

Sign the petition for a Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban in the City of Edmonton

You can sign the petition at this website.

Here is some information of other cities in Canada that are implementing single-use plastic bag bans in 2018.

These are other cities that have implemented a ban or some mechanism to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bags:

  • Fort McMurray – Yes, oil-centric Fort McMurray did this back in 2010.
  • Toronto – they even did this when Rob Ford was mayor.
  • Leaf Rapids, Manitoba (First municipality to implement a ban in Canada in 2007)
  • Thompson, Manitoba
  • Brossard, Quebec
  • Deux-Montagnes, Quebec
  • Huntington, Quebec

Many retailers have implemented a small surcharge for bags. This helps to reduce the consumption and distribution of single-use plastic bags. Good going industry. I have heard that some retailers then donate those surcharges to charities. Nice. But I expect that in most cases it is a charge that allows those businesses to recoup some lost revenue (cost of free bags) – kind of similar to how banks charge those little fees and make billions of dollars profit per year.

Here is some media coverage of our petition:

I would like to see a ban on all single-use plastic bags across all of Alberta and Canada as a whole. It is possible and it will take some time for people to relearn how to shop without expecting single-use bags at the checkout. We can be better!