Sea Moss

We have been selling Sea Moss (Irish Moss) for many years now. The sales just continue to get crazier.

We get a whole community of people from the Caribbean, people that are using it for a variety of health benefits, and some that are just adding it to their smoothies as a thickener. When I talk with the Caribbean people, they tell me that they have grown up using sea moss as a beverage. This is not a new product for them.

It is reported that sea most is a source for a variety of vitamins (13 of them) , minerals (92 of them), and many health benefits. Some of the minerals that sea moss can provide a person are potassium, iron, sulphur (sulfur) calcium, iodine, chromium, magnesium, and zinc while also providing small amounts of 13 different vitamins.

There are a LOT of chatter on the internet that has labelled this product as a superfood. There are claims that it helps the hair and skin, boosts the immune system (along with gut health), helps control weight gain, promotes weight loss, build muscles, helps the body to recover after a workout, and more. Please do your research. Check in with someone you know and trust that has experience with it.

Some people use it to thicken foods and it has been somewhat popular in the vegan community as a vegan ‘cheese’ ingredient since it naturally contains carrageenan. It acts like a vegan (plant-based) gelatin.

Most people take it in a smoothie. It is best to check the internet to look for ways to prepare it and add it to your diet. Lots of YouTube videos to show you how to use it,

Presently, we offer three styles of sea moss. 150g Sea Moss from St. Lucia ($21.99) 500g Sea Moss from the Pacific (29.99), and the 70g Wild crafted Sea Moss from the Grenadine Islands (Caribbean) ($15.99). Prices are as of May 14th, 2022 and are subject to change without notice or updating of this webpage.

How do you like using sea moss?


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