Saving Money

Let’s talk about saving money when you purchase organics – at least some money.

I was at Superstore (51st Avenue) the other evening looking for an item for the cafe and I thought I would go and check out their organic bulk items again since it was over a year ago that I did a cost comparison.

This is what I found out and it was the same last time that I did this comparison.

Saving Money - Price Comparison

Yes – that is right. Our Certified Organic Avocados are less than Superstore’s non-organic avocados!

But look at the price savings you would get if you purchased just 1 kilogram of their very limited organic selections. you would save over $47 and who only buys one kilo of oats!

Also, they inappropriately use the term ‘Raw’ on their bins since I know that their products are not ‘really raw’. How do I know this – I buy from the same supplier that is why. Other organic stores in town also use the term ‘raw’ incorrectly. They are meaning that it is unroasted – that is correct but many nuts are heated up to harden the shell so that they can go through the mechanical shelling/hulling process.

What could you do with an extra 47$ per month?

Try Earth’s General Store for great savings in Organic Bulk products because we have a better selection and BETTER prices than Superstore! Don’t believe that just because they are a huge store and they have some other great prices that all their items are less than local independent stores. Come and check us out for other things you can save some serious amount of YOUR money. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we are more expensive.

Keep it local, support your local community/economy & while SAVING MONEY!

We used to sell the quinoa for 16$/kg but the price fell a few months back but it looks like Superstore headed in the opposite direct :(. So now we only charge 14.50$/kg ($1.45/100gm) as most other stores have it listed since it looks like it is less. Prices fluctuate.

A couple of other items that I noticed where you can save some more money is the price of the garlic and ginger. Both of their products are packaged. The garlic comes in a pack (they didn’t have any in stock when I was there but there was a sign. They offered a 115gm pack for 2.49$. This works out to 21.65$/kg. At earth’s general Store we offer bulk garlic for 17.58$/kg. A 19% savings. Superstores Fresh Ginger comes in a 160gm pack for 3.28$. This works out to be $20.50$/kg. We sell Organic Ginger for 10.98$/kg. A 47% savings to you!

PLUS you save the packaging that is manufactured and then being wasted in the garbage or recycled.

They also have some candied/chocolate covered candy things which we don’t carry – we are talking about real food, not candy.

Prices at Superstore were effective on July 29th, 2016

If you are a tea drinker then you might also want to check out our price comparison with David’s Tea where you can save up to 60% on your tea leaves. Pretty good deal and saving money.

Here is a price comparison I did with Superstore back in 2013. It is much more extensive and of course prices change – usually increasing.

Here is a blog post I did on saving money on Organics. One of the big things is to take time to shop around (cherry picking) and get the best deal where you can. We at Earth’s General Store would appreciate some of your business some of the time. We don’t think it is reasonable for us to expect that we have EVERYTHING that EVERYONE needs EVERY TIME at a price that is acceptable. We know we don’t but some of the time, on some of the products for some people we have just the right product and price for you. Please consider putting some of your grocery budget into our stores and cafe some of the time.

We don’t need all you food budget all the time we need some of your food money some of the time and we are usually quite content with that.