Bulk Cooking Oils

Here’s some information on the types of bulk cooking oils we stock at Earth’s General Store, with some suggestions on their benefits and uses.

Canola Oil
Organic, Alberta Canada
Canola is an oil plant that was naturally bred from rapeseed. This development reduced the high level of erucic acid that naturally occurred in the plant, which made it unacceptable as a food oil. I have heard a story that Canola stood for Canadian Oil Low Acid.

Canola oil is used for several culinary tasks – salad dressing, deep-frying, pan frying, and for mayonnaise are just some.

Most conventional canola oil is produced using hexane (used for other oil seeds/grains like soy and corn as well) to remove the oil from the crushed canola meal. I personally don’t think it is healthy to be using a petrochemical solvent in food production.

Much of conventionally grown canola crop (over 90% in Canada) is now Genetically Modified (GMO). Our canola oil is Certified Organic, and therefore is GMO free and is grown and processed in Alberta by Mighty Trio Organics.

Flax Seed Oil/Linseed Oil
Organic, Alberta Canada
There have been attempts to introduce a Genetically Engineered flax plant to Canadian farmers. Presently (July 2013) it has not been approved.

Our canola oil is Certified Organic and therefore is GMO-free. It is grown and processed in Alberta by Mighty Trio Organics.

Hemp Oil
Organic, Canada
Hemp oil is produced from the seeds of the cannabis plant.

For much of human agricultural history, hemp has been an important crop. It was/is used for textiles, food (hemp hearts, seeds, seed cake), oil and as a building material.

Hemp has a very good nutritional profile. It contains significant levels of Omega-3 and only one-teaspoon of hemp oil a day provides all the recommended Essential Fatty Acids.

Hemp oil has a pleasant nutty flavour and is commonly used as a nutritional oil/dietary supplement and in recipes where the oil is not heated (salad dressings). It should not be used for frying.