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Earth's General Store Resources

Information about food and other products we stock at Earth's General Store.

All About Sprouting Seeds

Learn the basics of sprouting with our simple directions here. Information about description and sprouting directions are from our supplier’s websites – Mumm's and Sproutmaster. There are some excellent how to videos on the Internet to help you learn at a faster pace. I have enjoyed the videos posted at Sprout People or search yourself at YouTube.

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Bulk Pasta

Pasta is one of Canada's favourite meals. Pasta is usually made of a wheat flour; usually white durum wheat flour for regular pasta, (whole wheat flour, Kamut®/Khorasan, or spelt flour for whole grain pasta) or another grain to provide wheat/gluten-free options (white rice, brown rice, wild rice, soy, mung bean, corn, etc). Learn about Earth’s General Store diverse stock of bulk and Gluten-Free Pastas.

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Teas 101

Teas are only made by plant leaves that come from the species Camellia sinensis and brewed in hot water. Black tea, green teas, white teas and oolong teas all come from the same plant – Camellia sinensis. The different flavours are characteristics developed in the plant caused by climate, growing conditions, soil, picking time and processing – just like wines. Learn about different teas and some basic preparation methods.

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