Remember Your Bags

Once we become conscious of the impact that our lifestyle has on the planet most of us what to figure out ways to lighten our footprint. As you may be aware – Earth’s General Store has eliminated all single-use plastic bags from our store and because of this we need to send out this reminder – Remember Your Bags!

Waste-Reduced Store

Our store is moving along a path to help people, and ourselves, to embrace the opportunity to shift the paradigm to one that will offer a future that our children and everyone’s children will thank us for creating for them. This future is one where the climate is relatively stable, the oceans and waterways are not having plastics dumped in them, where the foods they are offered are not overly packaged and healthy for their bodies, the air is not only breathable but intoxicatingly fresh and alive, that there is global peace because EVERYONE’s basics needs are being met, indigenous people have the respect they deserve and all past wrongs are addressed and the healing begins, that the planet and all earthlings are respected, and we are whole beings.

I know – this is a big goal. I know that it seems huge in comparison to a single plastic bag but it is all the small things that we build a foundation for what we want to build. Come and build a great tomorrow for our descendants.

Remember your bags!