Refill Tuesday

As part of our Plastic-Free July campaign, we will have a special discount day in July called Refill Tuesday. Refill Tuesday will be focusing only on liquid refill products.

What can you refill on Refill Tuesday?

We are restricting ‘Refill Tuesday’ to refills of liquid bulk items and only on Tuesdays.

As you may know, we carry a large selection of bulk items. These include herbs and spices, grains, flours, beans, superfoods, dried fruits and nuts, and hundreds of other items but we carry lots of liquid products in bulk.

Some of these liquid products are unique to our store. Products like maple syrup, tamari (Gluten-Free and regular), olive oil, colloidal silver, essential oils, carrier oils, shampoos and conditioners, cleaners, witch hazel, vanilla extract, and MANY more.

Liquid Refills ACV Sunflower Oil and Liquid Aminoes

What benefit is Refill Tuesday to YOU?

During Plastic-Free July we are rewarding people that refill a liquid container. On Refill Tuesday, people that refill liquid bulk items will get a 10% discount.

In addition, for each of the containers you have refilled with a liquid bulk item you will receive one extra point in our loyalty rewards program. You can get this reward up to a maximum of 10 extra points. In our loyalty program you get one point for each dollar you spend so, in essence, you are being rewarded a dollar for each container you refill with a liquid on our Refill Tuesdays.

Plus you will get the usual 5 cent reward for each container you reuse to refill.

How does it work?

When you arrive with your clean container, please give it to a staff person to weight. The staff person will then put a piece of masking tape on the container with the weight of the container. This weight will be deducted from your weight (tare weight) at the cash register so you only pay for the added content and not the container.

Confirm what you would like the container to be refilled with and whether you want the container filled or only partially filled. The staff person will then refill the container with the product.

You will get a 5 cent per container ‘reward’ for each container you reuse. You will leave with the knowledge that you – yes, you – just eliminated one more container being needlessly sent into our waste/recycling system. The ecosystem is groaning under the weight of our waste/recycling system.

Green Beaver Liquid Castile soaps

Why buy in bulk from Earth’s General Store?

Since we started in 1991, our customers have eliminated the use of hundreds of thousands of single-use containers and single-use plastic bags by bringing their own reusable containers and bags. This is a significant positive impact on the world. Our customers are real eco-heroes.

Until recently, we were the only business to actively encourage people to reuse their containers. Bulk Barn started to ‘allow’ people to bring their own containers to their store only a year ago. Now it is more commonly accepted practice.

I am told that we have good and fair prices on our bulk items as compared to similar stores. For instance, check out the blog post I did on tea prices (the prices may be obsolete since the post was done almost 2 years ago but the percentage will likely be the same).

So, the first benefit is that you will save money.

The second benefit is that you will save some non-renewable resource. You will be sending a message to our society and future generations that you did not wish to leave them in a pile of plastic waste and litter. You did your part to reduce what you sent into the recycling/waste stream by reusing and refilling already manufactured products.

If you have children, you will be role-modeling sustainable behaviour to them – that we can’t continue along the purchase and toss behaviour path that we have been escorted along by marketers and manufacturers.

Earth’s General Store is Edmonton premiere’s refill store – YEG Refillery #YEGRefillery.

Join the Refill Revolution #TheRefillRevolution #TheRefillRevolutionYEG