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Teas and Tisanes (Herbal Infusions)

Most drinks are mostly water and it is the way we flavour the water that makes it more valuable. For instance soda pop/soft drinks are mostly water and so is whiskey but the difference in the price per litre is…

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Rise Kombucha

Rise Kombucha is a popular kombucha beverage with innovative and delicious flavours. Since they are a Canadian company they have some authentic flavours. Rise is the only supplier of larger format bottles (1 Litre sized bottles are available at the…

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GT and Synergy Kombucha Beverages

GT Kombucha was one of the first kombucha products on the market. They are raw, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and delicious. Raw kombucha provides you with the full potential of probiotics. Flavours: Gingerade – Two of nature’s superheroes join forces: The healing…

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Brew Dr. Kombucha Beverage

It has been widely recognized that we have done a disservice to the flora that normally lives in our lower bowels. We have found links between robust health and a healthy gut. We have destroyed much of the beneficial flora…

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Two Hills Tea

Two Hills tea carries great-tasting lines of organic tea and matcha that we stock. Two Hills works with certified organic co-op tea farms, maintaining close relationships with the farmers, and traveling to every farm to inspect the new harvest. Our offering…

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Cocoa Camino Hot Chocolate Mix

Cocoa Camino’s, from La Siembre cooperative, hot chocolate mixes are Canada’s #1 selling Fairtrade and Organic hot chocolate line. All of your favourite sweet cravings can be satisfied: Creamy, rich, invigorating or divine. Take your pick – Original, Dark, Simply,…

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