20 Litre Fermentation Crock

Our lead Free Fermentation Crocks are made in Germany. Each crock comes complete with the straight walled ceramic pot, a ceramic lid, two semi-circle weight stones and an instruction sheet.

Our 20L size is great for people starting out. When this 20L crock is filled with fermenting material is will be quite heavy to easily move about so it is best that you set it up in the location you will be leaving it in for the duration and/or figure about how to easily move it about (flat deck dolly works well). This 20L crock will hold about 20 – 24 pounds of shredded cabbage. Some people have two or three crocks of different sizes going with the sauerkraut and different types of sauerkrat at different stages of fermentation. The 10L size is our most popular size though more people are starting to go for the larger sizes of late.

The 20L crock has a diameter of 14.25 inches, a height of 17 inches and weighs 25.4 pounds. It has a beautiful glazed dark brown colour. The stone weights are not glazed.

As of August 23rd, 2017 we were offering the 20L crock for $260.00*

*Prices as of August 23rd, 2017 and are subject to change without notice. Please phone to inquire about current pricing (780-439-8725).

We do not ship crocks.

Note – We do not ship crocks.