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GT and Synergy Kombucha Beverages

GT Kombucha was one of the first kombucha products on the market. They are raw, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and delicious.

Raw kombucha provides you with the full potential of probiotics.



Gingerade – Two of nature’s superheroes join forces: The healing power of GT’s Kombucha and the balancing and cleansing abilities of fresh-pressed ginger juice.

Our most popular kombucha in our store is the GT Synery Gingerade. People love that it is refreshing and calming for their gut. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

Multi-Green – Put more greens in your genes with this organic raw blend of super foods and Kombucha. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

Third-Eye Chai – Awaken a new consciousness with this blissful blend of chai spices and Kombucha. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

Citrus – Pucker Up! GT’s Raw Organic Kombucha enlivened with a twist of lemon for a refreshing taste that bites back. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

Original Komucha – ​​​Nothing to come between you and your Kombucha. 100% Organic, 100% Raw, 100% Delicious. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

Synergy Kombuchas

GT added fruit juice to their synergy to add a new dimension to their flavours and also added chia seeds to two of their offerings to add more nutrition.GTs_Kombucha_Trilogy

Triology – Threes company with tangy raspberries, tart lemons and spicy ginger. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

Divine Grape – To drink Kombucha is human; to drink it with grape juice is divine. Contains 65 calories per bottle.

  • One of our staff said this was a good starter kombucha since it was a strong reminder of her children experience with grape pop.

Cosmic Cranberry – Zingy and Refreshing. Made with free-range cranberries. Contains 60 calories per bottle.

GT/Synergy has the largest offering of kombucha flavours but unfortunately we can not carry them all but we carry most of them.

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Come and discover your favourite one!

  • All descriptions, nutritional data, images came from the manufacturer’s website. Additional comments by Michael Kalmanovitch