Produce Update #1

Produce Update #1 November 1 – 7th

Sorry – this is going out a little late. Hopefully next week’s posting on our fantastic produce will be more timely.

As part of Earth’s General Store providing excellent quality information to our customers we will be posting a weekly update from our produce department regarding supply issues, where produce will be coming from and what is outstanding. This edition is Produce Update #1 covering November 1st- 7th.

Apples - all but one are from BC
Apples – all but one are from BC

We hope that you enjoy this type of information and find it valuable:

  • Pears are moving south with most of our stock now coming out of Washington. Red D’Anjou Pears replacing Red Bartlett this week. All other varieties holding steady for now.
    • All red pears are short so for now will only be carrying Asian, Bartlett, D’anjou, and Bosc.
  • Strawberries are back! Prices have increased and supply is spotty but will try to keep them as consistent as we can.
  • Mixed Beans for Sale Sunday!
  • I am also going to bring in a batch of cranberries and sugar pie pumpkin again for Sale Day as people start thinking about winter baking.
  • Citrus is on the rise with Satsuma suddenly available and many more options for Valencia and Navel than I’ve seen in weeks.
  • With Mans (one of our Albertan suppliers) low on all greenhouse products, I am bringing in as
    Alberta grown Squash from Man's Organic
    Alberta grown Squash from Man’s Organic

    many long English cukes, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes as I can from BC and then going into Oregon and California. Roma paste tomatoes have dried up. Likely heading into Mexico for them in the near future.

  • Sizes on Pomegranates are extremely variable. Trying to keep them consistent.
  • First product now coming from Mexico:
    • Melons
    • Field Cukes
    • Zucchini & Sunburst
  • The “Parade of *Shorts*” continues (this doesn’t mean we don’t have them in stock it is just we may run out at some time over the weekend):
    – rainbow carrots
    – brussels sprouts
    – field cucumbers
    – black grapes
    – sunburst squash
    – baby bok choy

(striving always for Fairtrade, local, and Canadian)

Tomatoes, local onions and garlic and Fresh Turmeric
Tomatoes, local onions and garlic and Fresh Turmeric