Probiotics with Water Kefir

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Over the years Earth’s General Store has had many workshops to show people how to make probiotic foods and we are pleased to announce that are hosting one of our most popular workshop – Probiotics with Water Kefir.

Many people in our society are realizing that what goes on in our ‘gut’ is important to their overall health. One of the most important ways that we increase the health of our gut is to ensure that it has a healthy population of good flora and one of the best way to do this is through the introduction of probiotics.

Probiotics with Water Kefir workshop description

Water Kefir is a probiotic beverage that’s tasty and supports good health! From lemonade to ginger ale, root beer and beyond, this naturally carbonated beverage is easy to make at home with low-cost ingredients. Typically less complex-tasting than kombucha (another probiotic beverage), this beverage is gaining popularity and is easy for children to love. 
The workshop will provide up-close hands-on learning for home brewing. You’ll hear about the health benefits, learn basic brewing and secondary bottling techniques, discuss recipes and learn how to care for kefir grains.
The workshop fee includes a booklet with detailed brewing instructions, tips and recipes and a jar of living water kefir grains. Participants can purchase the remaining items for a complete home-brewing kit for $25+gst and can shop at the store for brewing ingredients after the workshop with 10% off all purchases. 
The presenter is Wendy Allsopp, an enthusiastic fermenter with over 15 years of fermenting experience. Wendy is experienced working with fermented foods most notably sauerkrauts and kefirs. She began sharing her inspiration and knowledge in 2015, giving workshops in vegetable fermentation and water kefir brewing. 
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We have had workshops on kombucha, kefir and fermentation which are all great foods and beverages to add diverse probiotics into your body. If you are interested in any of these workshops please sign up for any of our social media platforms so that you hear about them.

We also sell several products in the store that are prebiotics – products that are feedstock for probiotics to grow and multiply.

You can register for this workshop through our EventBrite page.


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