Plastic-Free July

I think it would be incredibly tough to live a life in our society without using plastic. But, along with you, our customers, we are going to participate in the world-wide “Plastic-Free July” campaign. We intend to reduce our plastic-footprint for the month of July and we hope that you will also join us on this adventure.

Yes – we will continue to have plastic produce bags and plastic bags available for other products throughout the store but we encourage you, you who has the control to decide whether to bring your own bags/containers, to participate in this campaign… and we will reward you for doing so!

About Plastic-Free July

Plastic-Free July is a campaign that started in Australia but is expected to have over 2 million people from across the world participating this year. The idea is to raise awareness of the amount of plastic in our lives and then work on reducing the consumption and the resulting contribution to the waste/recycling stream.

How will Earth’s General Store participate in Plastic-Free July

As you may know, we have a generous loyalty program. We give 1 point for every dollar spent and at certain points levels, you can redeem the points for a credit.

When you collect 500 points you can get a 5$ credit against your purchase, at 1,000 points you can redeem them for 15$ against your purchase, and at 1,5000 points you can get 30$ credit against your purchase.  This is 1%, 1.5% and 2% savings, respectively.

You are probably also aware that we give you 5 cents for each shopping bag, every bag that you use to refill, or any container you refill. We are rewarding you for not using a new plastic bag or container.

For Plastic-Free July we will be taking all this a step further. For the whole month, when you reuse a bag, bottle, jar, container, shopping bag, or whatever we will give you one extra loyalty point. This is a 1$ reward for each reusable item (up to a maximum of 10 items on each visit).


Liquid Refill Tuesdays for Plastic-Free July

Each Tuesday of the month, we encourage people to come and refill liquid products and receive 10% OFF on those items. This will include maple syrup, essential oils, culinary oils, shampoos, conditioners, hand cream, cleaners, vinegar, and many more liquid products.

No rain-checks. This is only valid for the products that we have in stock and only in-store sales.

Business, Not As Usual

You will continue to receive the 5 cent reward for every container and bag you bring in to reuse at our store.

We have installed lots of signs around the store to encourage people to Refill Don’t Landfill.

Plastic-Free July Refill Don't Landfill sticker on Bin

Earth’s General Store already has a lower plastic and ecological footprint than any other grocery store in Edmonton. We will work on reducing our plastic footprint even further this month and will keep these changes as we move forward.

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Connect locally with Waste-Free Edmonton

Get involved with our very own waste reduction non-profit organisation in Edmonton – Waste-Free Edmonton. They are working on single-use reduction strategies like plastic bags, plastic straws, coffee cups, etc. Check out their website.

They are running a competition during Plastic-Free July.

You might want to check out the Last Straw Campaign. There is a challenge and competition with Calgary to see which city will get the largest decrease in straw consumption by July 14th, 2018.

Check out their social media presence: