Plastic Bag Free Day

July 3rd, 2016 is Plastic Bag Free Day.

Tomorrow is Plastic Bag Free Day. We ask everyone everywhere to eliminate their use of plastic bags throughout the day and encourage you to reuse bags and containers throughout the rest of the year instead of using single use bags.

Plastic Bag Free World

At Earth’s General Store we reward you for reusing plastic bags, shopping bags and containers with a 5 cent incentive. We also charge people for bags as do most other stores for plastic or paper bags (we offer free boxes).

Over the years Earth’s General Store has diverted tens of thousands of bags from the landfill, See our earlier post at Reused Bags.
Plastic bags and plastic in general work well for what they do. Some plastics work well for being ‘disposable’ (plastic tubing in hospitals) and durable and light components but the vast majority of plastics are manufactured for quick use. For example disposable cutlery, coffee and cold drink cups, water bottles, beverage bottles, plastic bags, etc.
I believe we can do better. We can be more conscious about our part in the consumption and disposal of this resource and work to reduce our contribution to the stream of plastic. Plastic Free Day is a good place to start.


  • Mockumentary on the Plastic Bag 
  • The Plastic Bag Monster
  • Photographs from Midway Island by Chris Jordan and his short documentary video on what effects plastic pollution is having on the albatros birds on the most remote landmass.
  • France recently committed to eliminating single use plastic bags (July 1st, 2016). They joined several countries in the world that has done this (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Kenya and several more). When will Canada join this list?
You could also let the City know that there should be a ban on single use plastic bag. Write to or your city councillor and let them know directly from you that there are better solutions. Several cities in Canada has already taken steps to ban single use plastic bags – Fort McMurray did so several years ago. Where is Edmonton?