It is the season of persimmons!

Have you ever eaten a fully ripe persimmon? Persimmons are truly delicious.

A few weeks ago we offered the Fuyu variety of persimmon – which is sweet and you don’t have to wait until they are almost a jelly consistency. At present we are offering the Hachiya variety of persimmons. They are presently 2.49$ each and from California.

If you check out the articles and the videos below you can learn about the different types of persimmons that are out there.

I have had the pleasure of eating quite a few lately since people see them in the produce department and they are really soft and think that the fruit is really rotten. So I get to eat them – thanks 🙂

The way I eat the really ripe ones is to break (or you can get fancy and cut them in half with a knife) and then suck out all the custard-like jelly inside – WOW!

A little messy but sometimes the best things in life are a little messy 🙂

You can also eat the skin of a ripe persimmon.

Here is a brief illustrated guide for persimmon types, choosing the right persimmon, how to cut a persimmon and how to eat a persimmon!


(illustration credit: Heather Diane Hardison,

AND a video explaining what to look for (visuals are always good).

Also check out this article in the Guardian.  It appears that the fruit is getting quite popular in the UK.

Of course all of our fresh produce – vegetables, fruits, and herbs are all CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

I am a little biased when it comes to persimmons since I fell in love with a woman who fed me a persimmon. Nice memories. Food associations. Thanks Mette 🙂 A few years after she moved back to Denmark I tried some persimmons but they were the astringent ones and not fully ripe. Take my word for it – you want to avoid these types unless they are fully ripe.