Pepsi is Buying into Probiotics

Most of our customers enjoy a good kombucha or kefir beverage. Many of them have attended our workshops how to make their own probiotic beverages at home. The recognize the health benefits they can gain from such “functional beverages”. This is the reason why large multinational corporations are looking at buying into this ‘new’ beverage market. Pepsi is Buying into Probiotics by announcing that they are purchasing Kevita.

We are in the same situation where in the past corporations that made vast profits making products that were not good for our society or health and used the profits to acquired ‘good companies’. When Marlboro cigarettes bought food companies like Kraft is a good example. It is very similar to how organized crime uses money from crime to purchase companies as fronts to laundry their illegally begotten money.

Watch out for more big beverage corporations to buy up some of the probiotic companies.  The same was true when they (Pepsi and Coca Cola) went out and bought coconut water companies several years ago. They let the small independents introduce the products, make a market for the product, and then buys them out.

I suspect that they feel the pressure from the marketplace (that is us) and when these new products are taking a portion of the beverage market ‘away’ from them. The simplest thing for them to do is buy up the upstarts and grab that portion of the market they are missing out on. It is all about owning as much as the market as possible.

Pepsi is buying into probiotics but we are not buying into Pepsi!

Earth’s General Store does not wish to send profits to a corporation that we see as making profits from bad products (namely caffeinated, sugary, synthetic beverages)  so we will be dropping this brand from our offering. Over our 25 years, we have dropped several brands for the same or similar reasons. Two of the product lines we have dropped are Burt Bee’s and Tom’s of Maine.

Once our present inventory of KeVita is sold we will not be ordering any more.

Kevita Bottles

There are many people making some excellent fermented probiotic and kombucha beverages right here in Alberta and Canada. We carry some of them. At our downtown store, we even carry a draught kombucha that is made in Calgary. Check out my earlier blog on beverages and fermented probiotic beverages.

Several months ago a young fellow dropped into the store to meet with me. After introducing himself as a representative of Coca-Cola and pointing out that we do not have their products in our store I agreed with him. I said that we did not have their products in our stores and would not have their products in our stores. I also told him that this ban was not just for Coca-Cola but Pepsi and Nestles.

Not only do these corporations promote poor options for people they are the key players in the commodification of water beverage. This is a huge problem in many countries in the world and Canada is not immune to it especially with the latest issues in Ontario and BC.