Parking Lot Repairs

The entranceway to the parking lot in front of our store has deteriorated and on Monday we will be doing some parking lot repairs to remedy this.

Here is what it presently looks like. The water shows the potholes that have developed in this area.

On Monday, we will have to close the parking lot so that we can safely and quickly repair this area. We have arranged with the people over at the  Sai Baba Temple to allow our customers to use their parking lot (they will assume no liability for any loss or damages).

Basically, the parking area is just behind Mill Creek Picture Framing – just west of our store and our parking lot.
If you are driving east along Whyte avenue you can pull into the parking lot via the entrance between the Sai Baba Temple and the Mill Creek Framing shop. If you are on 96th street you can turn west into the alleyway and into the parking lot west of our building (please admire the solar panels as you drive past.
After you have parked in the Sai Baba parking lot – look for the TREE in the northeast corner (green arrows) and you will find some steps there to access the store from the west side.
Bicycle parking and access will be not be affected – except you will not be able to drive your bicycle through the entranceway.
I have made up this satellite photo map of the location of the parking.
We hope to have this taken care of on Monday and everything will be back to normal on Tuesday (at least, that is the plan).
Alternatively, you can come and shop on another day of the week while we take care of these parking lot repairs.