Organic Pyrogies

Another first for Edmonton – Organic Pyrogies (Pierogi) at Earth’s General Store Downtown.

Ever since moving to Edmonton in 1974 my love affair with this Ukranian/Polish/eastern European food has been addressed by a steady stream of pyrogies from all sorts of places (Cheemo from the box stores, Troika Foods, some fancy ones, Ukrainian churches, Farmer’s Markets, etc). About 10 years ago I stopped eating them because they typically had canola oil in them and that would mean they were derived from GMO technology, industrial food supply chains, non-organic cheese and I did not wish to support this industry.

Of course I have had the odd pyrogy from our local Farmer’s Markets (Strathcona and City Market) since then but none of them addressed my wish to not support the GMO industry and support for organic agricultural practices.

Until NOW!

Organic Pyrogies have arrived!

Organic Pyrogies

Now Pierogerie Polish Foods Inc has come to my rescue (and possibly yours). This Edmonton based company has started to make pyrogies with organic ingredients. They taste great and support many of my values – local economy, small business, organic, plant-based (vegan) and vegetarian options, etc.

We have started to carry these at our downtown store and next week we will have at our Whyte Avenue store.

We have worked with them to create a plant-based (vegan) option (potato and vegan cheese). They are developing the packaging for these new products. Presently they do offer a mushroom and sauerkraut variety that is plant-based (vegan) and we will be offering this product this week. I understand from the owner that this is a very traditional Polish way to make these little packets of goodness.

They made up some samples for me and they were GREAT! I am looking forward to making this option available to our community.

So if you are looking for the ultimate in pyrogies – local, organic, artisanal, and  tastes great then come and check them out at our downtown store.

These pyrogies are frozen and you cook them from frozen.