October is Vegtober in Edmonton

October is Vegtober – Celebrating the Plant-Based Lifestyle in Edmonton

The Edmonton Vegan and Vegetarian community is once again celebrating World Vegetarian Awareness Month with lots of events happening throughout the month. Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta are once again spearheading this celebration.

On September 27th, 2015 the annual Vegtoberfest was held in the parking lot of Earth’s General Store and about 400 people came through the gathering of tents, vendor, store and food truck (there is only one vegan and vegetarian food truck in Edmonton).

Check out some of the photographs of the festival as we were setting up and before the public arrived (I was too busy later to take photographs):

Vegtoberfest Vendors #1 Vegtoberfest Vendors Sailin On #2 Vegtoberfest Vendors #3

Most of the vendors sold out and said it was a very enjoyable day for them despite being on the cool, damp and grey day. The sun did come out later in the afternoon though. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

It is recognized that eating less meat and animal products is good for the environment, good for our health and good for the animals.


Rarely can you go a week without some type of media talking about climate change or environmental degradation. It is reported that livestock production contributes more Greenhouse Gases to our atmosphere than all global transportation. Check out the Environmental Working Group guide to Green Meat.

Environmental Working Group Choices chart

Environmental Working Group Choices chart


When was the last time you ever heard a doctor say egg more meat. Most physicians will tell you that we should be eating less meat since it is not good for our health. Our society is eating more than any medical association recommends.


Most food of animal origin is produced through an industrial model where the animal is seen as a commodity – an input – to be converted into a food for people’s plates. Kind of like mining copper to make wire. But not really since these are sentient beings we are dealing with and they should be treated with the respect we would show to all fellow earthlings.

If people saw how their meat was produced they would likely not feel great. Industrial food cheapens the food, the lives of the animals, the people that work in this industry, and degrades the world.

There are many sources of information on this subject and we recommend that people watch documentaries like: Cowspiracy; Earthlings; Ghosts in Our Machine; Food Inc; and many more. Warning: There are some real but quite unpleasant scenes in many of these documentaries

Earth’s General Store is doing its part (and throughout the year) by offering Edmontonians plant-based options. This is the first year that we are participating in the Meatless Monday campaign (if we choose to eat meat free on just Mondays then that could reduce our total consumption by 15%). Our Organic Cafe is going to offer all of our plant-based (vegan) items at 25% off for each Meatless Monday in Vegtober.

So this October choose to eat less meat and come out to some of the great events (along with great savings) throughout Edmonton.

VegtoberFest 2015 Calendar of Events

VegtoberFest 2015 Calendar of Events