Planet Organic

As many people know, Planet Organic closed all of its operations in March after struggling for many months. This was a big loss to the local organic scene. There were many aspects of Planet Organic I did not care for but they were serving a segment of our city that would not consider being customers …

Covid Skills

For over the past three months we have all had to learn and practice Covid Skills. These are all new to our society and many of us feel put upon by the authorities and the disruption in our lives. The possible alternative is not an attractive one. Our store and staff have worked to make our space and interactions as safe and respectful as possible. We ask that you share this space with our staff and other customers by observing proper Covid skills.

Thanksgiving Hours

We wish EVERYONE a HAPPY HOLIDAY! We have reduced Thanksgiving hours. Enjoy time and family. Enjoy your meal and good times. Saturday – 9 am to 6 pm Sunday – 9 am to 6 pm Monday – 11 am to 5 pm We have lots of plant-based Thanksgiving products at the store.

Campaign Website

As you may have heard, I, Michael Kalmanovitch, the owner and founder of Earth’s General Store, am running to be the MP for Edmonton Strathcona in the upcoming federal election. I am inviting you to visit my campaign website. Why am I running and why a Campaign Website? This is basically the same reason why …

The Next Step

The founder and owner of Earth’s General Store, Michael Kalmanovitch, is taking The Next Step in his work to change the course that humans seem to be on. Michael is now the candidate for the Green Party of Canada to represent Edmonton Strathcona.