New Products as of February 10th

I am excited to share all these new New Products as of February 10th, 2021.

We have a bit for everyone this week:

  • ‘Half & Half’ from Silk – a blend of oats and coconut with 10.5% fat to enrich your coffee
  • Rawesome ‘cheese’ cakes and spreads – vegan and raw
  • Pukka Teas
  • Sheese ‘Cheddar cheese’ style with Carmalized Onion
  • Hodo tofu nuggets and cubes (these are very tasty)
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel ‘Love Crunch’ from Nature’s Path

All of these products are vegan/plant-based!

Something for everyone – savoury or sweet.


We are also pleased to let people know that we offer stearic acid – plant-based (in bulk, so please bring in your own reused bag or container), lye (sodium hydroxide), Veghammer (plant-based ‘meats’ from Calgary), Spread ’em spreads, Just Egg (only the folded type until the liquid one is introduced to Canada in the early part of the summer), Nabati shredded vegan cheese (made in Edmonton with mostly organic ingredients), Difatti gluten-free gnocchi, Greenhouse kombucha and shakes, and more new items every week.

We want to be the best source of organic plant-based/vegan foods in Edmonton while helping people reduce their plastic footprint.