New Products

In the past, I was quite good about letting people know when we had new products. It would seem I have a lot to catch up on so let me begin with a long list of new products we have added to the store over the past 6 months or so.

We pride ourselves at Earth’s General Store to seek out great products for our customers. Products that will benefit you and the planet.

This list of New Products is not presented in any particular order I just wrote down the list as I was walking around the store.

New Products

  • New Products - Que Pasa ChipsQue Pasa Tortilla Chips – Thins: ‘Sea Salt’ and ‘Twist of Lime’. This company was bought out by Nature’s Path last year and they have tweaked the product line a bit. Thinner than normal tortilla chips. The lime one is really nice (I haven’t tried the other one yet).  I really like lime and corn and love it when you go to Mexico where a wedge of lime or lemon is served with your beans or corn so you can squeeze it over your dish. Personally, I feel it also aids in the digestion of the corn (or beans).
  • Enjoy Life Plentils in ‘Dill & Sour Cream’ flavour. They use lentils as the base for these chips so they are gluten free. We only carry the one flavour at the request of a regular customer.
  • Kettle Chips – Uprooted chips made from root vegetables. We carry the two products they presently offer “Sweet Potatoes, Beets & Parsnip’ and ‘Sweet Potatoes’. They are very tasty and I like the variety of flavours and textures. I think they could have a little less oil.
  • Late July Tortilla Chips – Blue Corn; Green Mojo; Hot Mojo; Chia & Quinoa; Purple Corn; Sea Salt & Lime; and Sea Salt Thin & Crispy
  • Bioitalia – Strained Tomatoes. This product is a secret ingredient to some excellent tomato dishes. It is a cross between crushed tomatoes and tomato juice.
  • Ontario Natural Canned Tomatoes -BPA-free metal cans. They offer the usual types – Diced, Whole, and Crushed.  Though BPA-free metal cans is a move in the right direction I do think there should be more companies offering canned tomatoes in glass. I suspect that the BPA-free liner will be found to have some sort of endocrine disruptor in it. We will see. For now, this is better than a tin that has BPA in the lining.
  • Prana – Coconut Chips: Jive, a Spicy Chili version, and Charleston which is a BBQ version
  • Inari – Organic Sun-dried Tomatoes (these are dry and not packed in oil), Spouted Chickpeas, Sprouted Green Lentils, and Sprouted Quinoa. When we sprout a seed we wake it up, remove the anti-germination enzymes, and make the nutrients more digestible.
  • Yellow Superfood – Nutritional yeast in three different packaged version. Organic Nutritional Yeast, Nutritional Yeast with B12, and Nutritional with B12 and D2. We also have the best price for bulk nutritional yeast from Red Star.
  • New World Spreads: Coconut Peanut Butter Crunch (comes in Salted and Unsalted) and Chocolate Peanut Butter (kind of like spreading a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on your toast).
  • Betty Lou’s “Just Great Stuff” Powdered Peanut Butter. This product has 90% less fat than regular peanut butter. Over the years people had asked us for a powdered peanut butter called PB2 but it was not organic and I would not bring it in since non-organic peanut butter cultivation is quite toxic.
  • Daiya Foods Mac and Cheese: Daiya has been quite regular about pumping out new products. Theylaunched their three Gluten-Free macaroni and cheeze products several months ago. Their cheese comes as a sauce in a pouch and you just cook you pasta and then squeeze the contents of the bag over the pasta and stir. I usually add a few things before serving it – hot sauce, nutritional yeast, balsamic vinegar and fresh ground black pepper.
  • Daiya Foods Yogurt: These are quite delicious. They launched with four flavours: peach, New Products - Daiya Yogurtsstrawberry, black cherry, and blueberry. On the downside they only produce this in single serving size, their packaging is not recyclable (duh! Please let them know that this is not acceptable). and they could use a little less sugar in their product.
  • Daiya Foods Salad Dressing: The latest products from Daiya are their vegan salad dressings – Blue Cheeze, Creamy Caesar, and Homestyle Ranch.
  • Simply Naturals Sriracha sauce. Seems sriracha sauce is everywhere these days. I tend not to eat the regular sriracha sauce since it has sodium benzoate in it and no organic ingredients so I was pleased to be able to get an organic version. Simply Naturals was smart and they made two sriracha sauces. Green Sriracha has green jalapeno with tomatillos while the Red Sriracha is made using red jalapenos, red bell peppers, and habanero peppers. People love them on their green onion cakes when they buy them frozen at the store or freshly grilled at our downtown cafe during the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

New Product - Sriracha Green and Red

  • Natural Value Red Sriracha sauce. This was the first company to introduce an organic sriracha sauce to the market. Good for them! We had it on the shelves as soon as our distributor made it available because I knew our customers would really want this product.
  • Nutiva Buttery Coconut oil. This is probably my favourite new product. It is REALLY delicious! When I open the lid for customers to smell they immediately think of popcorn at the cinema. Yup! Deliciousness in a jar.

    I eat a lot of popcorn. My air popper broke earlier this year. The last few weeks of its existence I was assembling 5 pieces in a pile to make it work (base, cylinder, outer shell, deflector and the melting pot). I bought it second hand for 3.99$ about 20 years ago so I decided to retire it. I have not got around to finding another one yet. So now I use the stove top and a pop. I melt this delicious coconut oil in the pot and then add some salt and the popcorn kernels.

  • Cha’s Coconut Milk. I like that this company offers their coconut milks with not only organic certification but also certified Fair Trade. They have four versions of their coconut milk – premium, light, lemongrass flavoured, and curry masala flavoured. They also use BPA free cans to package their coconut milk.
  • Amande yogurts: Years ago we sold these and people loved them. Then they expanded and got into a business relationship with another yogurt producer and then things fell apart for them. They are now back with their excellent almond yogurts. I do hope they take the next step and start using organic almonds.
  • Yoso Cream Cheese: Yoso is a small company based in Ontario that has slowly expanded its product line, which now includes a great cream cheese based on cashews. These join their Soygo soy based products (cultured yogurts, cream cheese); their almond and cashew cultured yogurts; cultured creamy coconut products. They also offer an e-book of recipes using their products by chef Doug McNish (whose place I will definitely visit when I am next in Toronto).
  • NITRO Coffee: Cold brewed coffee dispensed from a draught keg and infused with nitrogen gas. If you are a coffee lover then you will definitely LOVE our cold brewed Nitro Coffee. Check out my full description on the blog post.

On Saturdays we roll the kegerator out onto the street to promote this coffee to the people that show up for the City Farmer’s Market. On August 27th, 2016 a couple had ordered a Nitro Coffee and I asked if they had tried Nitro Coffee yet. They had and they said that it was better than every other one they tried – which included Vancouver, Portland, Seattle and one other city (forgot). That was quite a compliment.

  • Living for Tomorrow cleaners. I have been a little disappointed with our normal cleaning line for a while (Nature Clean). They added an ingredient to their dishwashing liquid that I didn’t like and they dropped several core items. I waded through lots of ingredients from companies that offer “green cleaners” and I decided to bring in this new line from Living for Tomorrow. One of the things I like about this new company is that they super concentrate several of their products. Their laundry liquid is 8 times (8X) concentrated. That means less water being transported across the country. They also offer all of their products in bulk. They are Canadian. I want to caution everyone that uses this product that since it is very concentrated they price reflects this. I would suggest that you use event less than they recommend.
  • Tri-Coloured Couscous from Inari. This is the large sized couscous – sometimes called Israeli Couscous. We also have a plain couscous in the same size.

I am going to post this since it has taken me already two weeks to get this far and I am not finished. I want to get this information up on the site and then will add more as I get time.