Monday Madness

Well it seems that I like to have these little quick blasts of sales that we call Monday Madness.

For the first Monday Madness Sale day of 2016 we are going to blast out our calendars and put our books on sale on real serious savings for you. All Calendars and agendas will be reduced by 30% for the day and all books in stock will be marked down by 20-98%. So drop by tomorrow – Monday, January 4th, 2016 – and enjoy fantastic savings.

Hello it’s 2016 and perhaps you want a calendar to hang on the wall or to carry in your purse. We have calendars that cover chicken coops, female spiritualism, peace, justice, and many things in between. Come and choose from calendars from Greenpeace, We’Moon, the Gandhi Foundation, Slingshot, and Sierra Club.Variety of Books for Monday Madness

ALL of our Books are on Sale on Monday Madness!

Come and pick up those books you wanted on plant based diets, permaculture, chicken coops, or what have you.

The majority of our books  that will be on sale will be of the ones that are for 75-98% off. This is a very substantial discount.

With the exchange rate, the pressure from online mega corporations like Amazon, and the usefulness of Internet to obtain information on just about everything you wanted to know we are going to greatly reduce our offering of books and find something else to stock in that section of the store.

See how many books we have with serious discounts:

Seriously discounted books on the bookshelf 1, 2 and 3$

The books on the top shelf are only 3$, the next two shelves are priced at 2$ and the bottom – well, you guessed it – they are priced at the ridiculous price of only 1$. I feel somewhat disrespectful to the authors and the resources that it took to make the books to discount these books by so much.

I am proud of the books we have offered over the past 24 years. Books that changed people’s lives, the path they were on, and informed them. Now it is time for us to do other things with the space and money tied up in those books. You, my friends, benefit in this since the books will be one for a really great price for Monday Madness.

We have also put past issues of Adbusters on sale. These are collector items since many are not available anywhere else. 3$ a copy for some of these rare issues. We will not ship. If you want any of these then you will have to arrange payment and have someone pick them up.Past issue of Adbusters on sale for Monday Madness January 2016

Come and take advantage of this BIG sale day!

FYI – Our next Sunday Sale Day is Sunday, January 10th, 2016 where you can save 15% off your whole order.