Masks are mandatory

From Wednesday, November 25th, 2020, and until further notice, masks are mandatory for ALL people entering our store. Sorry, No exemptions!

Our provincial government has failed the citizens of Alberta. It has failed to protect the majority of people from a pandemic. The global medical and health profession has told us for many months what needs to be done to reduce transmission of the virus:
  • Reduce contact – when shopping go alone, avoid large gatherings
  • wash hands
  • wear a mask
  • socially distance – 6 feet/2 Metres apart
  • reduce touching items in the store
  • stay home if possible
  • work from home if possible
Our city brought in mandatory mask-wearing in inside spaces in August but our province has not made a province-wide policy for mandatory masks. It was left to businesses to regulate the wearing of masks. This has made people on the front lines the recipients to some very unpleasant abuse from some members of the public.
Too many people are coming into our store and other stores without masks and this is exposing our staff to potential exposure to the virus. Our staff has worked hard to sanitize all common touch surfaces. We have worked to clean the air as much as possible but it can all be for naught if people come into the store without masks and possibly increase the virus load in our indoor space.
So, effective November 25th, no one without a mask or face shield will be allowed entry into our store. This decision and policy were not made lightly or easily but we need to protect our staff and the majority of our customers. We all need to do our part to reduce the spread of this virus – especially since our provincial government is failing us.
When wearing a mask in our store you will need to wear it properly at all times. The mask must cover your mouth and nose. If a person does not do so when asked they will be asked to leave the store.
We are serious about this.
We encourage everyone to wash their hands at our hands-free hand-washing sinks when you come into the store. We have over 12 sanitizing stations throughout the store and encourage people to sanitize their hands whenever they are going to touch a common touch-point such as pull handles for the gravity bins, the handles of the scoops in the scoop bins, and anything else you feel would help.
We will continue to keep up our regime of thorough cleaning of common touch-points throughout the store on a frequent basis.
We ask that when people bring in their containers for refilling that they are clean. We may still sanitize them with an alcohol spray or such but they should start off being clean to begin with.
The latest restrictions by the Alberta Government today (November 24th) limits the number of people that can come into the store to 10 people. That will mean that people will have to wait outside if we meet that capacity and remain outside until such time as we have a capacity level to accommodate more people.
Please shop alone to reduce the number of people in the store.
To help those people that normally do not wear masks, we will provide a disposable mask or face shield for your use. This is only a temporary measure since when the supplies of these run out we will not be providing any more. After that, you will need to provide your own mask or you will not gain entry.
If you require a mask to enter, please phone 780-439-8725 and ask a staff person to provide one to you. The staff person will put one outside the exit door for you to use. Please keep your social distance. If you would rather not phone you can move west towards our exit door and knock on the window to get the attention of a staff member. Please remain outside and keep your distance. Once you have properly donned a mask you may enter via the entryway.
Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate your support. We are doing what we think is in the best interest of our staff and the majority of our customers. We cannot please all of our customers all of the time. We are doing our best at walking that line and choose to err on the side of caution.