Loyalty Program

Last July we launched a loyalty program. This has been a big success for everyone. I have heard really good feedback from many people that they like getting rewarded for each purchase they make. People REALLY love to get the 30$ back once they hit the $1,500 level.

When I was looking around for a loyalty program that was geared to a small company like Earth’s General Store there weren’t very many options out there. A few years ago we tried a local loyalty program but that did not work out overly well and they only lasted for about 6-months. I was looking for a platform that was as local as possible, had a robust and easy platform (for customers and us), and was somewhat affordable.

I ended up going with Vicinity. Vicinity is a platform offer by Rogers Communications in Canada but is a platform developed in the USA and from what I understand Rogers leases it in Canada. Overall our experience with Vicinity was good.

We did receive feedback from one customer regarding our use of this Roger’s product. I let them know we were changing and it was a concern of mine and a couple of out staff from the beginning.

But that is going to change. Late last year I was contacted by a small independent loyalty program company out of Saskatoon and I have decided to switch to their platform. This new company is called Social Spiral.

Why Switch our Loyalty Program?

Why are we switching over to another provider? It is because the new Loyalty Program provider is:

  • a Canadian company
  • Grassroots
  • Less expensive
  • No Cards needed – everything is done through mobile phones or email.

Will things change with your Loyalty Program Points?

No. I am assured that everything will be transferred over to the new platform. Social Spiral has told me that they have done this several times.

Warning – Interruption of Loyalty Program Rewards

On February 24th, 2017, we suspend issuing rewards and points. This is a transition day. The data will be dumped by Rogers and Social Spiral will have to put it all into their platform for use. Everything should be up and running on February 25th, 2017.

Although, sometimes plans and projects go awry. I hope that it will all be smooth and everyone will be happy about it all in the end (well except maybe Roger’s).

Future developments with our loyalty program.

We are working with the developer to create some social justice/charity mechanism for the new platform. Something where you will be able to donate/divert a portion of your points to some organisation. This way, a portion of each purchase you make and points you earn. It may be something like you would be able to opt for a portion of your points to be automatically removed from each of your purchases to be diverted to an organisation each month. I am working on this aspect. The developer is quite excited to consider adding this to the platform (since it will separate them apart from every other loyalty program out there).

This is something that we believe our customers would like to participate in.