Local Organic Produce at Earth’s General Store

This year we were able to expand our offering of locally grown organic produce. We helped The Organic Box out by taking some of their excess produce, we continued our relationship with Sparrow’s Nest Organics and we added a great variety of produce from Mans Organics in Coaldale, AB.

As the season change we will adjusting what we can obtain from local organic growers and will move our supply sources to BC, Washington, Oregon, California, and Mexico (in that order).

Currently we have the following produce from Coaldale, Alberta:

  • Long English cucumbers
  • 6 packs of Mini Cucumbers
  • White onions
  • red onions
  • yellow onions (bulk)
  • shallots
  • squash (almost all of our squash this fall has come from Coaldale. The only exceptions were pumpkins, acorn squash, and the occasional Butternut or Carnival squash. Currently, we have Black Futsu, Butternut, Buttercup, Delicata, Spaghetti, Baby Blue Hubbard, and Red Kuri)
  • tomatoes – Beefsteak, Cherry clamshells, and Cocktail

We also still have 25# bags of potatoes from Dapp, AB for $20!!! Amazing deal on local potatoes!

Over the summer we had the following items from a variety of sources:

  • arugula (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • beans (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • kale (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • leeks (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • lettuce (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • onions (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • peas (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • peppers (Mans)
  • potatoes (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • raspberries (Sparrow’s Nest)
  • spinach (Sparrow’s Nest)

Sparrow’s Nest Organics has obtained a stall at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market and therefore does not have enough produce to supply us and to service their customers at the market. Stop by and check out Graham’s wonderful produce at the OSFM. Shop local!

For fruit, BC could be considered local since the growing of these items are not done on a scale in Alberta. Currently, we have:

  • Apples: Ambrosia, Empire, Spartan, Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, Macintosh, Jonagold, Gala, and (arriving Thursday) Fuji from BC right now. Occasionally, varieties are unavailable from BC, and we get them from as near as possible, such as Washington; currently that is Granny Smith.
  • Grapes, this summer; currently remaining Concords are coming from BC, but green grapes have to come from California.
  • PEARS!!! It is Pear season as well right now. BC Bartletts (Green and Red) are in right now; our Bosc are also from BC; as well as the popular Flemish pears
  • tomatoes: roma and tomato on the vine, as well as some cherry tomato clamshells
  • peppers are now coming from BC because Mans has sold out of theirs for the year.

We always look for the best choices/option. There are bananas then there are our Fair Trade, Certified Organic and picked by cooperatives in a warmer climate. I know which ones I would like to eat and purchase.

ALL of our produce is Certified Organic and Fair Trade certified where available.