January Update

This will be the final January Update since the month ends tomorrow and the financial target has been met and exceeded.

Earlier this month I let the community know that if the downtown store did not meet a financial target by the end of  January I would be giving a 6-month notice to our landlord. I am very pleased to say that, thanks to all of you showing up and using the store, we will not be submitting our notice to our landlord.

As outlined in my original post on this matter we need to ensure that the improved sales indicate a healthier new normal and we would have financial targets for February, March, etc.

February is a tough month for retailers – we have the same fixed costs but have 2-3 days less to generate those funds as compared to other months.

Our financial target for February will be less than January’s monthly total but the daily sales will remain the same. That means we will make less over the whole month but maintain the daily sales of January.  In March, we will be looking for a seven percent increase as compared to January 2017.

The response from the local community has been very encouraging and I hear – you want us there/here. Together we can make it happen.

Thank you for your support. It REALLY means a lot to us.



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