Herbs and Spices Savings

I knew our spice and herb prices were exceptional so on August 8th, 2016 I did a price comparison with Safeway at Boonie Doon Mall and found out that our customers could save at least 52%% on herbs and spices. The Herbs and Spices Savings are shown in the spreadsheet I made. Many of the Herbs and Spices Savings are in excess of 90%!

Most of our customers know we carry a fantastic assortment of herbs, spices, cooking ingredients, and salts at our Whyte avenue store. Where in the city can you buy pink Himalayan salt for 50 cents for 100 grams (about the size of an average salt container)?

Where in Edmonton can you purchase plant-based citric acid (or non-plant based citric acid at the city’s best price), ajwain, bulk organic liquid vanilla, lavender flowers, juniper berries, sumac, etc in one spot?

Just like our bulk tea prices, where you can save 60% on teas, we show that in this price comparison with Safeway we are Edmonton’s best kept secret for herbs and spices savings.

I have only listed the items that we offer that are in common with what Safeway offers. We offer A LOT more spices and herbs that are not listed here.

Nice – Save money, Save Packaging and Support a Local Grower

If you check out the lower right corner you will see that if you bought all of these spices and herbs from us instead of Safeway you would save at least 80% of your money. 100$ to almost 200$ would stay in your products.

Does it make any sense to purchase your herbs and spices anywhere else now that you have these comparisons? Check out the prices you are paying elsewhere and I think you will be gobsmacked by how much you can save while buying these products at Earth’s General Store.

Herbs and Spices Savings

Herbs and Spices Savings

The values in the ‘weight’ column is the weight of the product in the container (Columns A and C). All of these were standard spice bottle size. Products that are light have smaller weights in the same volume of space as something that is heavy – basil compared to garlic powder. The value in the next column is what Safeway charges for the bottle (Columns B and D). I have listed both their organic (Columns B) and non-organic products (Columns D) and compared each of their prices to our bulk certified organic product. The yellow column (Columns E) is what we charge for the product by dollars per kilogram. The next columns are what you would save when you bought the same amount of product from us. For example, let’s take Basil since Safeway has that in Organic and Non-Organic. If you bought the 15 grams that comes in the organic bottle it would cost you 1.20$ instead of the 11.49$ thus saving you 10.29$. In the non-organic version, it would only cost you 92 cents since they only put in 11.5 grams of basil in the container. You save 8.07$ when you purchase our organic basil leaves rather than the product from Safeway.

Earth’s General Store Saves you Money with BULK

At Earth’s General Store all of our bulk items are sold at either dollar per kilogram or dollars per 100 gram.  The metric system allows for simple conversions – there are ten 100 grams in a kilogram (1,000 grams) so all a person has to do is move the decimal point and it will easily provide the corresponding price.

For example: to convert 24.50$/kg to $/100grams you would just move the decimal point to the left thus making it 2.45$/100grams. I have used the kilogram prices on this spreadsheet but the bulk containers will likely display the price per 100grams.

Price shock. When a person comes into the store and sees that we sell dill for 115$/kilogram they get sticker shock. But when they stop and think about how much is in a regular bottle they find soon realize the savings that they can obtain. Using the Safeway bottle that has 40 grams in it, the price to refill it would be 4.60$ which represents a cost savings of 52% compared to the Safeway packaged price.

Now you can purchase Certified Organic herbs and spices for less than you pay for non-organic. I like this a lot!

Organic Herbs and Spices Savings for Everyone!

Not only will you save lots of money on your spices and herbs but you can also reduce the amount of packaging being wasted because at our stores you can bring in your own container and refill it. You will also be supporting organic practices. Plus one of the organic certification criteria is that the resulting product cannot be irradiated. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency allows for the irradiation of herbs.

Oh – did I mention that when you bring in your own bottle, bag or other container we give you 5 cents ‘reward’ so you will be in effect saving lots more.Spices and Herbs Savings

Safeway is also offering a line of “Club House” bagged Organic herbs and spices instead of the bottles at a better price – 2.99$ for each bag. They just add less product. So I did a cost comparison with these products as well.

As you can see by this spreadsheet you can still save from 24% to over 80% on buying organic bulk herbs and spices from us.

Again – you would not only be saving money but packaging if you bring in your own container.  Save money while being an eco-warrior!

Remember to bring your own containers –

Refill! Don’t Landfill!

All prices as of August 8th, 2016