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Aloo Tiki

Many years ago I found it very difficult to find a healthy delicious lunch downtown that was reasonably priced. I am pleased that our downtown store and cafe can offer a solution to people in my situation. Starting Monday, November 27th, 2017 we will be re-launching our downtown cafe for lunch service.

We are VERY excited to welcome Rylan Krause as our executive chef. Rylan is one of the top plant-based/vegan chefs in Edmonton. Rylan is classically trained and has many years working in the food service industry. He was head chef at Noorish, was part of the team that created Miropix and Long Lost Foods, worked with Get Cooking Edmonton, did food cooking classes, and head chef at the Mercury Room.

I was told a few months ago that we didn’t have a ‘brand’ for our cafe. I responded that our brand was that our food should be delicious, healthy, reasonably and fairly priced and that it was plant-based/vegan or vegetarian. That is our brand. I believe that if

I believe that if our food tastes great that people will enjoy it and want to get it into their bodies. I believe that with Rylan coming on board as our executive chef, our cafe will be the food establishment that I believe we are capable of becoming.

Healthy Delicious Lunch in Downtown Edmonton

It is getting easier to find plant-based/vegan/vegetarian foods throughout the city. Most places add these options to their menu to capture as much money as possible in their business. It makes sense for them to offer as many options as possible to appeal to the widest market.

We are a little limited because that is ALL we do. Furthermore, we use 100% certified Organic ingredients where possible**. If you ask other food establishments whether they are using organic ingredients they will commonly respond that it is too expensive. We believe it is too expensive not to use organic ingredients where possible.

So when you are downtown, consider dropping into our cafe (10150 – 104th street) for some healthy delicious lunch. FYI – We will start to offer evening meals for people to take to their homes after this initial phase. Stay tuned!

You can have your choice of soups, sandwiches/wrap, and salads. Of course, you will be able to find all your old favourites like Green Lentil Hummus, 100-Mile Salads, Falafel, Allo Tikki, Black Bean Brownies and more. cafe-greenlentilhummus

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** when we make Jackfruit dishes we will be using a non-organic product. We recently started to carry an organic Jackfruit product but the cost for this in our kitchen makes the end product too expensive. As time moves along we will review this and try and make it work. We may have to put a premium on the selling price to cover the extra cost. Why is the certified organic Jackfruit more expensive? As far as I know, only two companies are producing organic Jackfruit and that does not allow for the economy of scale to help out the costing. As more Jackfruit is certified the price will come down.



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