Harvest Swap and Gifting – Second Annual

Here comes autumn 🙂

As the temperatures start getting lower and the days shorter a time comes for us to harvest most items from our gardens. We want to pull in what might become damaged by the cooler night but perhaps some of us have an abundance this year and unsure what to do with it all. Perhaps you don’t know how to or have enough time to preserve the extra bounty.

Quite often we take the extra to work to give to our co-workers, share with family or even strangers. But even then there may be more that those channels can handle.

Last year Earth’s General Store hosted our first “Harvest Swap and Gifting” event. It was a space created to help people to take their excess garden items so that other people can make use of this food.

On Saturday, September 26th Earth’s General Store (Whyte) will host our second annual Harvest Swap and Gifting.

Harvest food swap

Free exchange.

The Harvest Swap component is where we encourage you to drop off your excess apples, pick up some zucchini, drop off some potatoes and pick up some tomatoes or whatever you have a shortage of from your own garden. Stay around and talk with other gardeners. Make connections.

The ‘Gifting’ component is where you drop off items without any need to pick up anything – giving to those that can make use of the excess or are in need of the food.

This is a free exchange of excess food.

Anything left over on Monday will likely make its way to the Food Bank.

We will have an Edmonton Food Bank bin set up for those people that want the food to go directly to the the Food Bank on Monday (you can also put other items in there as well).

Drop off your produce and pick up what you want – or not! Gifting, specially of surplus, is a great way to share your harvest wealth with others.

All the produce from the Earth’s General Store gardens will be made available to share with people. Green tomatoes anyone?

This event is ONLY at the Whyte Avenue Location.

See the event page on Facebook if you wish to share it with your friends.