Growing Organically and Remineralization

Growing Organically and Remineralization 

Organic cultivation is about doing no harm and feeding the soil so the plants that grow are healthier and will resist disease and insects. One aspect of organic cultivation that is often overlooked is that the minerals in our soils have been slowly become depleted in essential minerals since the last ice age. We need to add minerals and nutrients to our soils since the plants we are growing are always removing them. We add organic matter in the form of compost and leaf mold but we also need to add back in the minerals.

Earth’s General Store offers a product that addresses this deficiency of minerals in our soils – Azomite™ . There are other products out there and I suggest that you get some and add it to your garden beds. Green sand, Rock Phosphate, rock dust, etc are all good products to add to our soils.

When our foods don’t have those micro-minerals it produces a deficiency in our bodies. A healthy robust body can withstand exposure to viruses, bacteria, illnesses, etc than a body that has a weaker or compromised immune system. When we feed our bodies healthy organic whole foods, have adequate sleep, get the right nutrients, have enough water, exercise our bodies (walking, bicycling, etc), receive and give love, feel content, feel valued, etc we will create the best conditions in our bodies to fend off environmental, diet and societal attacks on our immune system.

The same is true for the plants we grow. Growing organically is about reducing the exposure to insects, paying attention to the plants that you want to grow, reduce competition from unwanted plants, and feeding the soil.

The way I do all this is to insert certain plants throughout the garden that confuses insects or attracts beneficial (predatory) insects, have a walk through the garden twice a day (there is nothing like checking on their progress, snipping this plant, pulling a few weeds, etc first thing in the morning or in the evening), and providing a healthy bed for the plant to set its roots in.

Great soil can be grown too. It starts with compost, organic matter, worms, and amendments. It is something that does not happen quickly but it is something that you can do over a period of time. I have created about 4 inches of soil on my beds in only 3 years. Light, friable, and rich with organic matter.

I use mulch to cut down on moisture lost, reduce weeds, and to feed the beds with organic matter.

To make my plants healthier I add a mineral product to provide trace minerals to the plants. As with our bodies, plants need more beyond the N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) that comes in all fertilizers. I came across a product called Azomite™ a few years ago and last year was able to bring it into the store. I am very pleased to offer this product since it works well to provide over 70 trace minerals for the plants to use to grow strong and healthy.

Spread a little mineral love in your garden this summer.