Grain Bowls

Kung Pao Grain Bowl

We are doing a soft launch of a new menu offering today – Grain Bowls.

What are Grain Bowls?

Most of us have experienced Rice Bowls and maybe even made them in our homes. Grain Bowls are the same concept but tend to use grains in addition to rice. Our Grain Bowls use a grain blend of organic brown rice, Forbidden Rice (a black rice), millet and red quinoa.

The grains are used as the base. A variety of toppings is spread across the top of the bed of rice. Initially, we will be offering two types of grain bowls. We will be using some of the faux meat products we have recently added to our store.

Kung Pao Chick’n Grain Bowl: Happy World Kung Pao, Shredded carrots, Baby spinach, Green lentils, and Thai Peanut Sauce

Kung Pao Grain Bowls

Gluten-Free Grain Bowl: Spiced chickpeas or crumbled crispy falafel, roasted squash,  Avocado, Shredded carrot, Massaged kale with a Coconut curry sauce
Chickpea Grain Bowls

To launch this new aspect of our kitchen we will be offering a special introductory price until Friday, February 17th, 2017 of only 8.95$ (regular price will be 10.95$).

Grain Bowls are flexible and adaptable meals so the toppings may change at times to reflect what is in season, colour, recipe development (feedback), etc. We recently added a line of Southeast Asian inspired faux meats that we will be using for some of our bowls. Stay tuned for more of these healthy lunches options.

Of course, all of our grain bowls include certified organic ingredients.

We want your honest and frank feedback because we want to deliver to you on a consistent basis the healthiest and best Grain Bowls in Edmonton.

The best way to eat a Grain Bowl is that once you have admired how pretty it looks (and posted a photograph on Instagram/Facebook) is to mix all the ingredients up. That way you get a good blending of all the flavourings.

The dishes may not look exactly as portrayed in the photographs but should taste better 🙂


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