Gluten-Free Ingredients in Bulk

Most people recognize that they can save money and resources by buying things in bulk. People that are restricted to a Gluten-Free diet buy most of their products in packaged form and these tend to be priced higher than their non-gluten-free counterparts. Earth’s General Store wants to expand the options for these people by offering some Gluten-Free Ingredients in Bulk.

Throughout our store, you can find significant savings by buying bulk when compared to packaged pricing and other businesses. For example, you can save 30-90% buying bulk herbs/spices, 50-60% savings when purchasing bulk teas, 50-70% savings when buying bulk essential oils, etc.

Now, we want to do the create the same cost savings with our gluten-free ingredients in bulk.

We introduced several gluten-free products in bulk. Please note that none of these products are certified organic.

  • Bob’s Sorghum flour 60 cents/100gm – 6$/kg
  • Bob’s HomemadeWonderful Flour Mix 90 cents/100gm – 9$/kg
  • Tapioca starch/flour 30 cents/100gm – 3$/kg
  • Potato Starch 60 cents/100gm – 6$/kg

How do these prices compare to the package prices you normally pay? You will be saving about 15% when compared to packaged products in our store. You will have to decide if these are good prices for you compared to where you normally shop.

What other products would you like Earth’s General Store (Whyte) to carry so you can save money on gluten-free ingredients in bulk?

You can also save five cents each time you purchase from bulk by bringing in your own bag or container. We reward people with 5 cents when they refill a reusable container or bag. Bags don’t get weighed prior to refilling but containers do so please give your empty containers to one of the staff to weigh it and record the ‘tare’ weight so this weight can be deducted from the final weight.

To encourage you to reuse bags and containers we charge people 5 cents when they use a new bag.

If you would like to order gluten-free items in large 25-pound bags (11.34kg) we can obtain these for you. All you have to do is submit a customer request when you are at the store. If it is something we don’t normally carry we will obtain a price for you and advise the approximate wait time before it arrives. When you purchase a bulk bag, like the 25-pound bags, you save an extra 5%.