Get Growing Day 2016

Get Growing Day 2016 is happening this Weekend! Same day as a our Sale Sunday.

This past winter has been very mild and the spring seems to be happening very early this year. The longer days are happening – people are enjoying patio life, getting their yards tidy and you see more people bicycling and walking in the neighbourhoods.

People have started to propagate their seeds to get a head start on the growing season. People have been proudly sharing their tomato and pepper sprouts on Facebook and Twitter – it is an annual renewal of growth and hope of good things to come :).

Earth’s General Store wants people to grow more of their own food. We believe that growing, processing, cooking, and eating food from our own labour, our own land, our own imagination is healthy, nurturing, spiritually and physically connecting to nature, gives us an appreciation of what goes into growing food and saves you money.

We offer an excellent selection of certified organic, Non-GMO, heritage, open pollinated, heirloom seeds from a variety of seed houses: Harmonic Seeds (Barrhead, AB) and West Coast Seeds (Lower Mainland, BC).

To kick off the growing season Earth’s General Store is having our Fourth annual gardening day (now called “Get Growing Day”) on Sunday, May 8th. People will have the opportunity to purchase organic seedlings, apple trees, pear trees, fertilizers, soil, and a whole range of other items.

May 8th is also Mother’s Day (and one of our Sunday Savings Sale Day so you can save 15% off in store purchases). What better way to celebrate this day than to work with mother nature to create a bounty to nourish our bodies, or families, and, if done correctly, the planet?

During this past winter we saw the price of fresh vegetables and fruit jump quite a bit on some products. This could be a call out to people to grow their own and to learn how to store fresh produce.

What we will be doing:

Sparrow’s Nest Organic and Chickadee Farm will have seedlings for sale. These are both local certified organic farms. Sparrow’s Nest will have vegetable seedlings and Chickadee Farm will have herb seedlings.

Sprout Farms is again offering apple tree whips for sale. You can pick up flyers from the store to see what varieties they offer, visit Sprout Farms’ website (where you can also find information of how to pay for them),

Edmonton Seedy Sunday will have a booth there and Edmonton Naturalization Group has been invited.

Earth’s General Store will have seeds for sale (organic seeds), soil, worm castings, and azomite for sale.

Edmonton Permaculture Guild will be there with a booth

Though our Sunday Sale Day will be on all day (9am to 6pm) the seedling/tree sale and information booth portion that involves other people and organisations will only be from 12 (noon) to 3pm. This is to allow these hard working people time to relax on this ‘day of rest’.

So we hope to see you there/here at Earth’s General Store and…. Get Growing!

We also have a Facebook Event page if you would like to stay tuned on developments.