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Fermentation Crocks

We have sold Harsch Ceramic Fermentation Crocks for a couple of years and people really liked the old world style, the knowledge that generations of families made great sustaining fermented foods in them, they presented a technology that people could understand (water well along the lip to control air and venting, a good lid and ceramic weights), and knowing that the glaze was lead free. I loved offering these products because they were considered the best in the world.

This fall our supplier informed us that Harsch has shut down production of the crocks. I understand that they closed down the business. This kind of left people in a pickle (a fermented one of course πŸ™‚ ).

They said that another German company is looking at purchasing the design and continuing to offer the Harsch style crocks but that may not happen until next year.

That was not good enough for me so I tracked down another manufacturer of ceramic lead free fermentation crocks from Poland – Zaklady Ceramiczne “BOLESLAWIEC.”Β So today we received our first shipment of their Polish Style Fermentation Crocks.

The fermentation crocks come in a variety of sizes and I have ordered in the 5, 10, 15, and 20 Litre sizes (they don’t make the popular 7.5 Litre size that Harsch offered).

The prices for these new crocks are: (each crock comes with a lid, stone weights and built-in water well seal)

  • 5L Fermentation Crock – $ 128.00
  • 10L Fermentation Crock – $ 164.00
  • 15L Fermentation Crock – $ 190.00
  • 20L Fermentation Crock – $ 225.00

I am sure that people will appreciate these as much as the ones that Harsch made and we sold via the store until September 2013.

We have been able to drop the price of some of these crocks significantly.

Earth’s General Store wants people to help people be successful when they make fermented foods at home and we offer fermentation workshops throughout the year. You can check whether we are hosting any upcoming workshops through our EventBrite page.